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  • 2022


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From Billboards to BBSs: Revisiting the Old and Exploring the New in Computer-Mediated Communication

電腦中介傳播學門的誕生,除了讓學者有機會替新問題找解方,也讓學者能在具備新能力的基礎上來回顧舊有的問題。Dr. Carr投入了近十年的研究心力,致力探討「新媒體」的「新」之所在,並解釋舊有的傳播過程如何再度被翻新。本演講中,Dr. Carr將為我們介紹關於電腦中介傳播本質的新理論、延伸討論群我傳播概念,並探討社群媒體上的自我展演與他人回饋如何影響自我感知。無論您感興趣的是舊媒體或是新媒體,相信您都能從這場演講中滿載而歸!

活動日期:2018/12/13 (四)

時間:12/13(四) 12:00-14::00




English Info:https://bit.ly/2TVojQH

From Billboards to BBSs: Revisiting the Old and Exploring the New in Computer-Mediated Communication

Computer-mediated communication (CMC) represents opportunities for scholars to answer new questions about the fundamental processes of human communication; but also to revisit older questions with renewed abilities. Dr. Carr has spent nearly a decade exploring how new mediate are really new—and some of the ways they aren’t—particularly in the context of impression formation. Highlights of the talk include some new theorizing on the nature of computer-mediated communication, discussion and extension of the masspersonal communication concept, and the influence of social media self-presentation and others’ feedback on self-perceptions. Whether you are interested in older media (like roadside billboards) or newer channels (like online bulletin boards and social media), Dr. Carr is excited to engage and interact with the scholars of National ChengChi University’s College of Communication to revisit the old and explore the new of CMC.

Caleb T. Carr researches how new media alter communicative processes, including how social media are used to create and maintain identity online, for organizational uncertainty reduction, and in group collaborations. He has taught undergraduate and courses in computer-mediated communication, organizational communication, mass media theory and history, and management at Illinois State University, the University of Oklahoma, and Michigan State University.